Friday, September 26, 2008

Neanderthal's revisited

I have been watching on Natgeotv their series on the Neanderthals. I am amused how now that since 1998 the idea of interbreeding with modern humans is gaining ground. The Foxp2 gene for language was found in neanderthal dna that is the *same* as ours. So either we got it from them or they got it from "us".

There have long been reports of neanderthals in the middle east to asia. In fact, A case was even made for them surviving to the present day.

The neanderthal theory has more solid science behind it than vaccines. I wonder why it is so horrible to think autism is from mommy and daddy. Anyway they have reconstructed this face above from dna. They dubbed her - wilma. I think she looks autistic. For the sake of completeness and fairness here is an opposing view.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cognitive Disability: A Challenge to Moral Philosophy

There was a conference this month entitled Cognitive Disability: A Challenge to Moral Philosophy . It featured among other Peter Singer.

As I reviewed the agenda , It struck me that there wasn't in any shape or form a Neurodiversity viewpoint represented. But I saw this titles

James C. Harris, M.D., Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. A Developmental Perspective on the Emergence of Moral Personhood (abstract)

David Shoemaker, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University. Responsibility, Agency, and Cognitive Disability (abstract)

As I try to point out many times linking all aspects or forms of autism to disability is a bad idea. By doing that we limit ourselves and how society views us. Do you honestly think people will hire doctors,lawyers,programmers with Cognitive disabilities?? Even in love the movie pumpkin notwith standing, do youthink people will go to their families and friends and say "I fell in love with a great person that is cognitively disabled".

Sunday, September 07, 2008

No Abortion => No PreNatal Test=> No Genocide

We are watching the clock tick down. Every day we are a little closer to a prenatal test for autism. The not so funny fact is it wont be 100% accurate. It will be anywhere from 75% to 95% accurate. Just like down syndrome once it is there there will be no more walks for a cure.

Often in this world we are faced with decisions that are hard. No easy alternatives. damned f you do, damned if you dont. I try to choose as best I can the choices that at least make things a little better.

We are faced with evil in our time. The specter of eugenics is raising its ugly head once more. The call is now for "Normalcy" a normal race. We all want normailty ?? right? It is the latest ploy to rid the world of its so called undesirables deemed by a few.

When we compare that with denying a woman's right to choose, there is no comparison. Genocide is the greater evil. A whole group of people with the devalued genetic signatures will go into the night of history , if we allow this.

Even when we have NT allies , say parents, they're often more concerned about services and care for *their* kids. The question of future generations of autistics is unimportant or even undesirable to them.

The truth be told is that our efforts to halt the coming prenatal test is simply insufficent as this point in time. I see no reason why that would change. It requires money. Yet when I want to extol capitalism as a way for us to have more of a say I am excoriated by our own advocates. This self defeating belief system will do us in. It will keep us down and powerless.

Our last stop gap measure until we as a community are more in a position to better advocate for ourselves is to support the lesser of two evils.We need to align and ally ourselves with the prolifers. They have a real shot at making abortion illegal thereby resulting in any and all prenatal test useless. So please join with me and support Mcain/Palin to stop a prenatal test by stopping abortion.

It is our only viable alternative at this point.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

When Soda is not Coke.

I often thought about this incident while I was in college. I think it highlights the difference in thinking and perceiving between autistics and NTs.

One day at a soda machine , There was this guy hovering about. I indicated that I was going to buy a coke.I bought Ithink rootbee or sprite. He said that wasnt a code it was soda. I remeber that his tone ws harsh. He told me I should call it right. I told him people call it pop as well.

Others came by, I called it coke again he was really rude. At this point he really started to annoy me. After all is said and done I left in a foul mood. was honestly thinking what was this guy's problem.

Later I came by. He was there again. I watched him "correct" others. I was incensed. I was thinking who was this guy to go on and off on people like that. I didn't like. So I went up to him and confronted him. I was yelling . "Who are you to harass people " etc. He was angry too the upshot was he left in a huff saying something this bs etc.

I was very proud of myself. I related how I took care of this bully to others. And they were like "er, students are sometimes paid to ensure brands like coke are protected. Companies loose their trademark if there brandi s used generically. All that is not word for word. All I could do as say "oh". But still that guy had an attitude problem.

simple truth about Capitalism

Years ago, I was visiting Washington, D.C. I came across an abandoned gas station. There was a in large black letters spray painted- "Capitalism - It isn't working". It occurred to me then that the funny thing about Capitalism that it only works if you do.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Autism on Knol

I am sounding a call of alarm. Google just unveiled their answer to wikipedia. It requires people coming forth not anonymously and share their expert opinion. Already the other side has done so. Look at this:

We need real information written by parents and autistics.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Michael Savage is partially right.

He is *partially* right. This part specifically

The “autism lobby of devastated parents is just a scam to get more money.”

When you see all these lawsuits on the unscientific disproven vaccine link what is an “outsider” to think???? If anything we should be mad at achamp /generation rescue/shoemaker/kirby etc who gave the autism community this image. They are the real criminals.

Again the Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum , the dynamic duo of stupidity John Gilmore and Evelyn Ain are right now protesting the recognition of the very climate they help to foster. They are the ones who promote bad science and senseless lawsuits on vaccination.

The fact is Gilmore and crew *are* afraid about the lack of money for themselves. They are the fraud the Savage sees and is speaking out about. Do you remember back when Adam the monster that Autism United created came to light with his views on autism?? They, Gilmore and Ain , beat the drum daily about the tragedy of autism and how horrible it is. Is it truly not believable that Adam thought it was ok because that was the ethos at Autism United?? He just didnt realize it was a secret. Gilmore and Ain are not the heros here, defending the truth about autism. They are just grandstanding for their own benefit to look good and for the money.

So as far as the worry over here about the expenditure of energy and money. For him to be sucking up time and money from the so called autism community I say BRAVO!!! Less money and energy for research and a cure and spreading ignorance in the name of awareness.
They want to make Savage wrong in the entirety.

Savage is wrong on autism being "Bad behavior" etc . But isnt that what awareness is all about? reaching out with understanding concern talking honestly about autism. I would like to propose an "Understanding of Autism" contract. When you see someone you know and care about spew ignorance on Autism, - Dont fret! Get out the contract! You and your loved one can read it together and discuss the memorandum of understanding of what is autism. Don't Forget!! Have plenty of kleenex ready! After you talk , get angry cry and then hug it out , you can both sign the contract and move ahead on a whole new level of your relantionship. Bringing people together not further apart.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Shaft Report

The Shaft Report

Somebody is gonna get shafted and it might as well be autistics.

"Wiping Autistics off the face of the planet - No Finer Cause on the

Loser Shafter - Editor in Mischief

Today's Headlines -

The NeoNazi council of America. has discovered autism to be a Jewish plot for world Domination. - Read more

World Renowned Preacher _ "Autism is God's punishment for homosexuality" - Read more

DAN researchers discover excessive masterbation leads to autistic like symptons. - Read more

Today's Editorial

Helping Autism to help ourselves

As we suffer through each horrendous day of agonizing hell, We wonder what can we do to make our lives easier? The alternatives are endless. We wonder about if we only had the chance to have had an abortion. Perhaps little johnny would go and play in traffic. And on it goes. But wait
there is hope! Given the current climate of awareness look at what Autism Speaks has done. They are helping autism to help themselves. By selfishly creating awareness , they can afford expensive trips and limos and throw lavish parties! They all have handsome salaries. They are truly helping autism to help themselves. Little johnny can be such a blessing in disguise! Look at myself, I *pruposely* adopted an autistic child. I took part of the money the state gave me for him and used it for shameless self promotion. This Newsletter was funded in the beginning
entirely by him!. Dont worry, He didn't need that "extra" money.psst- He didn't even know it was gone. I am now well respected and honored by various groups such as the California legislature and many others. You can do it too!! I will tell you about it my new DVD series -"helping autism to help yourself"!! 4 easy payments of 69.99!! I will thrown in my special book "Shaft ABA _Maximum Pain Maximum Results" If you act now!! - LS
"Giving Autistics the shaft since 1998"

Monday, June 23, 2008


I ran across this. While I have to agree with him. It doesn't take into the account the role of anti-neurotypicalism. In all movements the reactionary equivalent of anti-neurotypicalism is essential.

It gives fuel for the fire to do something rather accept the status quo. In fact the impetus to come together under the reaction is more beneficial and likely to lead to positive action than the individual stewing striking out haphazardly.

In response to some of the comments, I did not create anti-neurotypicalism. It will be more pronounced in the future. As more and more NTs become aware of a separate group that they are vaguely aware we will see more irrational bigotry like the infamous group on Delphiforums and outright hate groups such as FAAAS. This will provoke the reaction as it is *doing right now*.

So it really doesn't behoove us to get on our high horses with expectations of universal acclaim to deride this reaction with welcomed slaps on the back to follow.

Have we forgotten William Freunde? He was on all these forums. He was banned one after the other. No one took him seriously. No one was willing to take him on his terms. The community was dismissive with horrific results. The last place to ban him was AFF. Soon then with a gun in hand he murdered and committed suicide. He needed an outlet..

The possibility exists to take that and make something positive. You do have the other extreme like that daughter of a famous movie producer who committed suicide. Their comment was - it was the end result of a brain ravaged by asperger's. This type of reaction while it would seem benign is really the worst of them all. It is the quietism of despair. a selfish act. No one is helped. No cry for the change in status quo to prevent this.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hope vs Faith

I cant get it out of my mind. The obama campaign and the Bill Clinton campaign for the presidency was all about hope. having hope. communicating hope. Give hope to the american people. It seems to me that this so called hope is a mere bauble to the precious act of faith. I would rather a president or anyone for that matter be about Faith. Having faith. Communicating faith. The meaning of faith as expound in fear and trembling that I referenced previously consumes my thoughts. So in the way I have to understand faith, I would like to compare it to hope.

Hope is easy. Faith is difficult.

Hope makes no demands on the hoper calls for no sacrifice or silence. Hope requires speech to spread the hope.

Faith makes demands and asks for sacrifice. Faith requires silence.

Hope is safe Faith is dangerous.

Hope is passive Faith is active

Hope can be given Faith springs from within. It cannot be given

Hope is affirmation of status quo(that it is all right ie ethical or everything can be ethical) Faith is affirmation despite of the status quo(ie taking your son to be murdered)

Hope is leader centric Faith is multitude or one centric

Hope is ethical universal Faith is subjugation of ethical and universal to a higher principle

it would take a pitiful excuse for an human being to hope for the unethical.

Hope is public Faith is private

Hope is the aspiration of the adherence to the universal.

Hope is the guilty is punished Faith is the guilty is redeemed in the end. the "sin" or misdeed is wiped out. Salvation seems to be related to this. You have faith that the sin or misdeed as Abraham would have done would be "undone" IE he would get Isaac back the sinner would cleansed as if the sin never happened. He would get his "Isaac" back.

Clinton said he was a man from hope. What we need is not a man from hope, But the multitude to realize their meaningful existence comes from a place called Faith.

Hope is vacuous /does not give meaning or purpose nor direction Faith is meaningful purpose driven.

Hope is unnecessary for human life to be worth living. While Faith for a life worth living is absolutely necessary.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The confused Disabilities rights movement

The disabilities rights movement as such is a confused point of view. It was not well thought out. In fact It is inconsistent.
It confuses the fact of being disabled or different with the way to live one's life or act as being someone others would classify as disabled.
It muddies the water as someone who should desire to be more like others or even recognize their difference or a difference of theirs as a possible disadvantage with their attitude about themselves and their place in the world. It also makes this artificial and damaging absolute distinction between the disabled and the so called normal. We all live in the confines of the facticity of our existence.
The worst part of the whole issue of disability and the word is that it gives some the license to think themselves better than those with that label that really have no business thinking themselves better than anyone.
This disabilities movement while inducing people to take pride in who they are in spite of or because of their disabilities has a horrible side effect. This side effect of wallowing in their disability even retaining their disabilities in the face of a cure or minimalization. A good example is deaf people. They are wrong not to want to hear. By virtue of not hearing they are deaf. But to be on the spectrum they are not by its very nature alone or friendless. Minimalization does not apply.

If you are in a wheelchair and you dont desire to walk or deaf to hear or an amputee and dont wish for your limb back, you are a fool or someone who has deceived themselves to the point reality is a distant memory. A house cat is a not a disabled lion. But a lion that is blind or crippled is disabled and its only salvation it minimalization or erasure of its condition to be like the standard lion. A house cat that is dressed up to look like a lion is costumed boofonery.

The notion of a social disability is abused to a great extent nowadays. It used to put all differences and anyone who is outside the mainstream of society as a disable person.

The disability right movement is no civil rights movement. It a movement of muddled thinkers and addled brains.

I think an existentialist view of disability is far more appealing. The model of Sisyphus by Albert Camus is one good example. It is important to get beyond this disabled v non-disabled. The distinction in many cases is not clear. I have seen those who advocate prenatal tests to prevent unfortunate people being born or to suffer. Really need to take a hard look at themselves if they would really pass muster in the quest for a perfect world.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Autism Speaks is anti-Parent

Autism Speaks is antiparent despite its marketing efforts. It fosters anger and self pity among parents. It encourages them to wallow in "my oh my how could this happen to me?" and "Why? I dont deserve this".

A real organization for parents would forster independence, self-education, faith in themselves and a better not some empty hope found in an obama bumpersticker.

This is just another reason why you should support ASAN's protest this coming tuesday. Here is the faxebook page.

Link to ASAN's Joint Letter Against Autism Speaks, signed by over 60 Disability Rights Groups:

Friday, April 04, 2008

Donor X

Donor X is an inconvient truth. The CNN story can be found here. It just without malice illustrates the lies we are told about autism.

The first conclusion that is readily apparent is that autism is *strongly* genetic. Another pointed fact is happened in different environments and different mothers. So this so called environmental trigger was on overtime searching the disparate parts of the country making sure Donor X's children gets autism. I dont believe it.

I loved this part. "Jackaway decided on "Donor X" because he appeared philosophical and intelligent on paper. He liked music, loved to travel and had a high IQ and a degree in economics." What are the odds this guy has autism but was never told he was broken??

I would like to make one point that I feel is crucial. When people select someone to be their mate a host of factors comes into play including behavior,pheromes etc. These woman who selected Donor X might have never been selected by Donor X or them to be a mate had it been "in person".

This shows we are a *people* in our own right. Edan had it right, all the kids labeled severely autistic are nothing of the sort - they are halfbreeds that are not autistic enough. Edan told the story how the vacant look and nonverbalness etc came from intermarriage. So if you disagree please reread the story. ANd if you find this offensive too bad. I am offended by people calling me disabled. I am offended by autism speaks. I am offended Dr. Insel's remarks. I am offended by the so called professional and their sadism in the name of therapy.

Donor X perhaps has children but he and the woman picked each other because their was a compatibilty that science simply overlooks.

They have now removed his sperm. How is it not that our lives are less valued? Dylan sounds bright. He laughs. How can any parent not want a kid like that?

So all the damage being done by Ari Ne'eman and others calling being on the spectrum a disability needs to be undone. We are not by virtue being on the spectrum disabled. Of course people like Ari who are by their wn admission are cognitively disabled will fail to see the point due to impaired thinking.

Friday, March 14, 2008

IACC Statement that was to be given today

I am not here to give some trite simple minded verbiage about autism being a blessing. Nor am I given to preach the hopelessness and devaluation of autistic lives that curbie groups promote. Soren Kierkegaard, The danish existentialist wrote "God blesses those he damns in the same breath". Much of my thoughts here today are informed by the story of Abraham as presented by Kierkegaard in "Fear and Trembling".

Not all awareness is good awareness. It is simply not enough to support awareness. I am very much against the dis-abling attitude promulgated by Autism speaks and others. On one level, It feeds into the despair and initial hopelessness. Parents who don't know what autism is when faced by this unknown are disoriented breeding fear and anger. They are ripe targets for any snake oil salesman that comes by. On another level, It contributes to the disrespect and devaluation of autistic lives. It does not promote understanding of stimming and comorbidities. It even promotes lies how autistics do feel about themselves.

Autism cannot speak. just like Abraham could not speak. How intelligible, is it for a father to kill his son that he adores? If Autism did speak it would be unintelligible as well. For it is fantastic to have friends, to be loved and respected and admired. But the paradox of autism and it is really is a paradox or it would be done for as much as Abraham would be done for if faith was not a paradox.If it was not a paradox, It would be on the order of a disease, Such that only an evil person would oppose a cure. But Autism is so much more than simply that.

The Greek tradition that threads itself throughout our society, is the poison that we are in need of a cure from. A priori goodness, beauty. Also what it means to be human. All absolute standards any deviation from which is sickness, disease and death. Kierkegaard wrote about what it means to be not in alignment with the universal in the discussion of the book of Tobit. He relates this to being born different. To be someone out of alignment with the universal from the start. This is about all of us who are born not in alignment with the universal whether they are autistic , down syndrome,cleft lip or just clearly not the same as most people.

We must value autistics on their own terms. Many autistics have made huge contributions to our society. Browbeating an autistic to give up his arcane and narrow interests in the quest of being social as his focus is no victory. An autistic will always be autistic. To have him to give up his gift of being unintelligible is a terrible price to pay. We all know that this social acceptance and social conformity is an artificial construct foisted upon him. As it is, a violation of his nature it will never be truly his. Condemned to be ordinary. Kierkegaard relates how it is a mockery to say to Sarah - "Why don't you express the universal and get married." It is a mockery too to say to those on the autistic spectrum for example, "Why don't you express the universal and get married, enjoy sports, sit still, stop it with arcane facts on medieval pottery that Nobody wants to hear".

Bram Cohen when he invented bit torrent, he was alone not managing a team. Was he intelligible? Did others see the value of his work before it was finished? When Vernon Smith received the Nobel prize, He stood alone. When did his colleagues see the value of his work? If they really saw the value and the forthcoming Nobel prize it is hard to imagine that they would not jump in with both feet right away. No, They were unintelligible. Aligned with universal in the end on the basis of faith on the strength of the absurd or paradox.

So here is the reason why the puzzle piece is so pernicious. It truly represents the fact autistics being out of alignment with universal are an enigma. It is condemnation from a society that praises social recognition and clarity. It has no room individual unintelligibility to the whole. Without which you cannot have individuals rise above and achieve what the society thinks and deems impossible.It mocks the very foundation of autistic existence. It is worn by those that imagine their lives have a value and meaning autistic lives don't because those lives and their meanings are unintelligible in the immediacy. It must be remembered that to truly mock Jews, they made them wear the star of David as it is a symbol of their Jewishness.

When it comes to formulating public policy on autism it should be about letting autistics be comfortable in their own skin, unintelligible to society but en-passioned with their goals. Allowing them to be them. Anything less is disrespectful and unacceptable. Autism is only a tragedy in society that cannot understand the true worth of an individual. Autism is a challenge, something to get through not overcome.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Twas the night before awareness

Twas the night before awareness Nary an Ari stirred.
The distinction of NT and autie blurred.

lovaas giving tots a poke
before Autism allegedly spoke

What is right made wrong
And wrongs made by Wrights.

Twas the night before awareness

Joey protested
Ari United
And pride day by Gareth celebrated.
Twas the night before awareness

The katie McCarrons of the world were appreciated and knew love
May her family and her know the peace of a dove.
Hand flapping, clicks and hums pervade.
Inventions and discoveries made.
No one questioned why.
There was no outcry.
Twas the night before awareness

Then came what was to be a daybreak of wonder and promise.
Instead the night of awareness descended and ensued crisis.

Registries created to watch and track
Autistic children are now with praise wacked
Blood collected and samples
People cried out "my god some use pampers!"
Doctors are looking for prenatal tests
At JRC , on the vests are crests.
If not prim and proper then a shock
Autistics solitary and alone do not together flock.
Autistics solitary and alone are mocked.
Tis the night of awareness

Fear and shame pervade
Blame and charges made
Every one questioned why
They with self pity did cry
Tis the night of awareness

tis the night of awareness that scares us all.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Why the Disability Movement is not Our Movement

The cause for us Autistics is not the disability movement but the civil rights movement. You are *not* disabled for simply being on the spectrum. You may be disabled and be on the spectrum but that is another matter.

I want to layout in this post why ours is not a disability movement but a real civil rights movement. But a civil right movement based on a wholly different premise. I deny this collective group think worship of our times its power. I celebrate the one, the individual. It is the individual that matters most and being one's own person to own the skin you live in. I am very comfortable with the existentialist way of thinking, we are responsible for value and meaning in our lives. God is irrelevant in that regard. It is my contention that fundamental human rights is much the same. Rights do not come from God, but from individuals making choices. The weight of so many individuals making the same or similar choice and thereby being recognized by the collective group is what most people call a right. God had nothing to do with it. Human nature had nothing to do with it. There is no universal Human nature per se. There is nothing a priori. Anything said to be a priori is shorthand for the supremacy of the group over the individual.

I know of and support some the recent successes of a coalition of disability groups spearheaded by ASAN and Ari Ne'eman. They *are* doing important work. I wish them success in every way. However, I still feel while disability with the autism community is important, it is a fringe issue. The main issue I and many others feel is empowerment or self-empowerment. We are just as good if not better than others.

Those who support the disability view would say self-empowerment. "Yes that is what we are after!". They would argue with me back and forth. They will never see or accede to my point because as they clearly admit they are disabled. If they werent disabled they would see my point. They then would claim I am deficient in some manner here or there. While that may be the case, clearly it is not as bad as theirs (if I have any impairment at all) since I was never forced to acknowledge it as disability as they were. I was never to blind to the fact however I am different.

If you are disabled then you seek minimize your difference with non disabled people. But if you are for example black or autistic or American, you do not seek to minimalize your difference but embrace it, celebrate it and nurture it. I am persecuted like those pygmy people or the Neanderthals for the sake being different. Like the Jews for their differences or black people. I am not disabled. I do not know what disabled people feel like.
The battle cry of the disability movement is simply - "We are the same as you". Wheelchairs, seeing eye dogs prosthetics etc. All to minimalize the difference. I think for those of us on the spectrum we want to highlight and showcase our difference for it makes us us.

The problem for those who see this as a civil rights movement is that the basis of civil rights is was on the fact ultimately we are all the same. How can this be our model when in fact we are not the same?

I think that the understanding where "rights" and living a "meaningful life" come from is flawed. The notion of "Existence precedes Essence" by Jean Paul Sartre is essential. We must create our nature. It doesn't exist a priori. We bring it into being. We create meaning. It does not come from a God who might or might not exist. God is not responsible for us to live meaningful lives that responsibility is ours alone. By acknowledging, "Existence precedes Essence" , we are taking charge of our own fate and the value of our lives. One important point that Sartre makes in his works (specifically Existentialism is a Humanism) that when we choose for ourselves we choose for others as well. Existentialism as he says is a call for action.

If we are free beings how can it be any other way? Sartre points out this freedom cannot be abrogated. Even not choosing is a choice. Hence "existentialist anguish". By living a life full of meaning, living a creative life how can we not assert our "rights" in the act of doing so? of course you cant. There will be always time to time people who will thwart what you deign to do/to create/to be. Your response in dealing with this is essential. If you choose to accept the limitation then you accept the limitation for yourself and for all people. You choose to exercise rights. All acknowledged rights are exercised rights. Indeed, what people call a right and often canonized into a law is path well worn that was initially hack out by a few or the one. An unexercised right is no right at all. If you don't exercise your right then either you were the wrong gender, the wrong color, the wrong background but that wasn't your right and you acknowledged it as such. And you chose for all who are like you. One cannot escape their responsibility to others. You cannot escape the damnation of being a free being. It is the individual who "discovers"(really creates) rights and it is the individual who asserts rights. The assertion of rights may be done by many but it is still each individual making a choice. Only when an individual chooses this right for himself and then others choosing this right as well does the dumb and blind and stupid group goes and "canonize" said right. The irony is the group might have been through the might of collective stupidity punishing those who chose this right before. You can almost hear the pomposity, the absurdity of the echoing of the collective refrain -"The Law is the Law".

So rights have nothing to do with people ultimately asserting that they are same as the people in power regardless of some difference - color,religion,or heritage. It was individuals making choices, choosing the meaning of their lives and choosing what constitutes human rights and thereby choosing for others like themselves by the very act of choosing for themselves. Autistics have rights because they assert those through words and actions, through the power of being a free being not NTs in disguise as in protests, standing up for themselves and others when they see a wrong. Rights in this respect is something that cannot be taken away. You assert your worth and value or you don't in response to a situation. You cannot control the situation, you are in but you can always choose your response. Hold up your head high and don't take any shit.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Autistic Civil Rights Movement

It is a new year! I am making it a point to be more active and involved in Autistic Civil Rights this year. The past 3 years I was dealing with unforeseen circumstances. That is now past. Here is 2 videos that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.