Thursday, July 24, 2008

Autism on Knol

I am sounding a call of alarm. Google just unveiled their answer to wikipedia. It requires people coming forth not anonymously and share their expert opinion. Already the other side has done so. Look at this:

We need real information written by parents and autistics.


Anonymous said...

Ouch, I can see from the /bryna-siegel/ that we would be expecting some bias on the respect front in the material, and in reading it Sure Enough, there is the No Imagination myth, right up front.

Just How in the Hell does this 'researcher/authority' know what is going on in someone's mind? Did she hire a psychic like that school district that made false allegations a month or two ago?


mayfly said...

The article deals with autism not Aspergers. It is well written and describes the condition very well.

I'm trying to understand just who are the other side. When I read that comment I thought that perhaps Safe Minds had written the article. But, no it is written by a respected autism researcher at/affiliated with UCSF. Perhaps you can enlighten me on whom you think are your adversaries.

Is she describing a condition alien to you? Surely even you on the high-end of the spectrum must recognize that low-functioning autistics do not have the same lifestyle as you, do not have the same capabilities as you,That their lives are primarily afflicted by their condition not society's treatment of them.

Why not write the post on Aspergers? Something to which you can relate to personally. If you find Dr Siegel's post to be out-of-line, I seriously question your experience with autism itself.

bullet said...

I have to admit I had very little problems with the article. It described things in a lot of detail, an awful lot of it rang true for my older son and a lot of it rang true for me as well. I would have liked it to explain that there can be differences in imagination rather than just an absence and that a child may not appear aloof but may still have significant difficulties or differences in interacting.

Aranittara said...

It was a pretty goosd article the imagination thing was bad and so was the disease perspective but aside from that it was informative

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting an autistic standpoint on Autism Speaks, which the article quotes, ought to listen to the July 2008 Autism Spectrum Podcast put out by Midnight In Chicago. At the end of the free audio podcast entitled "Special Feature Interview with Douglas Giesel and An Update Interview with Lewis Schofield" the boy says something about Autism Speaks which will have people rolling on the floor laughing.

As far as I know, his opinion IS indeed that of all autistics.

Spread the word people. The podcast can be found at