Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally a Celebrity with an IQ above room temperature


Foresam said...

LOL, yup, learning about the safety of vaccines from Offit, who has murdered lots of babies with his own vaccine is a sign of intelligence? Have you been drinking heavily?

Anonymous said...

Foresam with the IQ below room temperature. The guy who calls for the cold blooded murder of autistic people with the urging of sociopathic Adult Baby Shelley. John Best, you are just the best of the antivaccine community aren't you? Have you and Shelley declared yourselves to be indigo now, too?

Foresam said...

I didn't call for murdering anyone. One of my commenters suggested that though. And, the fat slob they wanted killed is not autistic.
Shelley is a beautiful and intelligent woman and I don't believe she would make comments like that.