Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Michael Savage is partially right.

He is *partially* right. This part specifically

The “autism lobby of devastated parents is just a scam to get more money.”

When you see all these lawsuits on the unscientific disproven vaccine link what is an “outsider” to think???? If anything we should be mad at achamp /generation rescue/shoemaker/kirby etc who gave the autism community this image. They are the real criminals.

Again the Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum , the dynamic duo of stupidity John Gilmore and Evelyn Ain are right now protesting the recognition of the very climate they help to foster. They are the ones who promote bad science and senseless lawsuits on vaccination.

The fact is Gilmore and crew *are* afraid about the lack of money for themselves. They are the fraud the Savage sees and is speaking out about. Do you remember back when Adam the monster that Autism United created came to light with his views on autism?? They, Gilmore and Ain , beat the drum daily about the tragedy of autism and how horrible it is. Is it truly not believable that Adam thought it was ok because that was the ethos at Autism United?? He just didnt realize it was a secret. Gilmore and Ain are not the heros here, defending the truth about autism. They are just grandstanding for their own benefit to look good and for the money.

So as far as the worry over here about the expenditure of energy and money. For him to be sucking up time and money from the so called autism community I say BRAVO!!! Less money and energy for research and a cure and spreading ignorance in the name of awareness.
They want to make Savage wrong in the entirety.

Savage is wrong on autism being "Bad behavior" etc . But isnt that what awareness is all about? reaching out with understanding concern talking honestly about autism. I would like to propose an "Understanding of Autism" contract. When you see someone you know and care about spew ignorance on Autism, - Dont fret! Get out the contract! You and your loved one can read it together and discuss the memorandum of understanding of what is autism. Don't Forget!! Have plenty of kleenex ready! After you talk , get angry cry and then hug it out , you can both sign the contract and move ahead on a whole new level of your relantionship. Bringing people together not further apart.

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David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"He is *partially* right."

Yeh, but only by accident! Most people haven't seen the scam happening.