Thursday, September 14, 2006

Protest at autism speaks TGIF event

I heard that autism speaks was holding events at TGIF's .
I went there last night (riverhead, NY location) with a lady friend. We had dinner. I explained to our waitress a couple of salient points about autism speaks. The rash of murders of autistic children, and how the rhetoric of autism speaks could be a contributing factor. She had a family member who was autistic. She was very receptive.

After we finished our dinner, I went into the enclosed bar area, where the bartender olympics was being held to support Autism Speaks.

I held up my protest signs. I brought all my greatest hits. Especially the autism speaks doesnt speak for me. Now Remember that this bar area is crowded and noisy. so noisy that Only in a lull , there was 2 of them in 20 min, that people could hear me. I said "autism is a difference not a disease". I also told the autism speaks lady that autistics are part of the natural diversity of human beings. She was asking me why. She also with some righteous indignation asking me about what is my connection to autism. as if trying to say or imply I dont have right to speak on autism unless she or they approve it. I spoke about some autistic role models such Bram Cohen. She then said well a lot of children suffer from it. As if, if someone is suffereing then it is ok to put them out of their misery.

The people who run autism speaks came to me. Michael giangario told me that I had to go no sign he was the owner of the building.(probably a lie but being NT very natural for him) He actually grab and held my arm. tried to get at the signs. I told him I paid to be here. I bought a meal. I was being no louder nor disruptive as the drunk people in the bar. they has some really big guy with tattoos grab me by the arm. When he started to be really forceful, the lady from autism speaks stopped him.

A young woman who came up stated that she helps autistic children at school. She then stated that one of the things she did was help them make eyecontact. I asked why. she was flabbergasted. I dont think she heard anyone questions the value of making autistics into NT clones. I told her that is important to her, implying not important to everybody else as per her assumption.

I got some angry looks and gestures to leave from some in the crowd. Also giangario threatened to call the police 15 minutes ago and he was gone by now. Now I know from experience that the police would since all I did was hold non obscene signs would just ask to me to leave if that. Remember it was autism speaks telling TGIF employees to get rid of me not the TGIF manager.

I handed the autism speaks lady my business card. I said if people like you had your way then I wouldnt be here. I then decided it was time to leave. I headed with a couple of people before me and behind me. I walked out signaled to my lady friend - it was time to leave. When I was out the door I turned to them and told them they were on the wrong side of history.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Was Adolf Hitler autistic?

People have been trying to understand Adolf Hitler for decades. All kinds of theories from being gay to being schizophrenic etc.

Well I have my own pet theory with facts to back it up. I think that Hitler was on the autistic spectrum. It explains a great many things both positive and negative not to mention neutral about him.

His unrelenting zeal for what he called his "mission". He did not smoke, drink nor gamble.He never apparently consummated his relationship with Eva Braun. He too focused on his goals.

This apparent lack of interest in her lead, I believe , some to mistakenly to conclude that he was gay. It is my supposition that like many on the spectrum he had very little sex drive. Anyone who is familiar with those on the spectrum, they could tell you that it is all about extremes.

When read some of his words. I took them seriously. He wrote how he studied jews and their faces. He remarked how he could not read their faces, nor intuit their emotions. He never studied non jews with such scrutiny. It was very unfortunate. Maybe he would realized it wasn't just jews that he could read.

One thing that has puzzled everybody that nobody ever offered an explanation for, was the fact Hitler had his hometown demolished and everybody killed. It is now overgrown forest. If you are on the spectrum, there could be many potential embarrassing stories as you are growing up. If he was on the spectrum, he might not have been able to control his bowels until 8 or 15. He might have made very embarrassing mistakes in dealings with the opposite sex as well.

When they were in the bunker at the end. It was observed that his hands shook. People surmised he must have been poisoned. Well the fact is, If he was under stress and autistic, He might have been just stimming.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Freedom is ...

Freedom is action, yearning, striving, movement.
Freedom is a verb. Peace is a noun.
Peace is a place. English reflects this with being at peace. being in peace. whereas Freedom isnt about being at your destination or any where. Freedom is the journey. When more than one has Freedom all our directions may differ thereby friction will result. Isnt this the nature of Freedom after all? Freedom is to go. To go is godly. Freedom is godly.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Mumps epidemic

Like many I have been following the mumps epidemic in the US. This epidemic has not been caused by widespread delibrate refusal to take a vaccine. In fact, Listing to the radio it seems one of 2 things

1) one it is people who had been vaccinated but not a full MMR
2) there was talk of how children today get 2 mumps shots and the majority infected only had one.
3) it is a strain from the UK.

This is only a taste of what could happen if the like of David Kirby is taken serious by the mainstream. it is a real and everpresent danger. If this ever happens because parents refuse vaccination , I hope that NAA, kirby,schafer,olmstead are held responsible.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The real reason behind AS' so called social impairments

If you ever examine the debate on the evolution on the dog from the wolf, you find some very interesting discussions that could be relevant to AS.
The relevants facts are dogs can mimic and respond to human emotions. We all see our dogs raise eyebrows and be facially expressive of their emotional states. We have all also seen how they can READ human faces and intuit the emotion behind them. This is something wolves cannot do. Wolves are dogs closest relative and really basically genetically indistinguishable. Wolves, tho do not show emotion on their faces nor do they have the ability to read human emotions via the face. They do however have the intellectual capacity to solve tasks that a dog will never be able to.
So dogs basically for survival gained critical social skills in managing the ever present interaction of humans , while shedding IQ points. The debate rages over in the short amount of time circa 15K years or so, was the effect so truly one sided. In fact it has been proposed that human beings are more territorial than other primates and that this is a direct effect from cohabitation with dogs. What if it is more than that? Like many aspies I have mild face blindness. I dont have a social obession and see the need for a social heirarchy. What if the so called impairments of AS are simply manifestations of a human being uninfluenced by dogs. Are NTs just human beings that "went to dogs" so to speak?

Of course , the fondness of most autistics for cats and the way they self identify with cats may be subject to the same analysis to a certain extent.

Just food for thought!

goodbye and meow

Sunday, January 22, 2006

House Autistics

Malcom X often spoke about what he called house negroes during slavery. These slaves slept in beds , ate better food , and did not have back breaking labor. Today in the world of autism we see a similar thing.

Curbies are never in short supply of aspies willing to toe the line for a buck. The list is endless
1) stephen shore
2) michael j Carley
3) Liane holliday willey
4) etc

They try to portray aspies as a lovable house pet every NT should own. When In fact we are dangerous. Why
We don't think in lockstep with the majority. That is our nature. Society fears people like us. Society doesn't embrace people like us. Remember , the psychological ovement to classify every difference as a disease or to classify difference of opinion as a pathology. When you hear the words syndrome or disease, this is the remnant of that.

These house autistics get upset if you stress objections to the hatred that spews forth from some NTS. They will (with a smile no less) say we are only misunderstood. To that I say no we are understood quite well. We are not them and they know it.

Carley is particularly bad. He supports a pro ABA group. He actually banned me for grasp merely for criticizing FAAAS a well known hate group. Carley never met an aspie hateing group he didnt love