Monday, August 14, 2006

Was Adolf Hitler autistic?

People have been trying to understand Adolf Hitler for decades. All kinds of theories from being gay to being schizophrenic etc.

Well I have my own pet theory with facts to back it up. I think that Hitler was on the autistic spectrum. It explains a great many things both positive and negative not to mention neutral about him.

His unrelenting zeal for what he called his "mission". He did not smoke, drink nor gamble.He never apparently consummated his relationship with Eva Braun. He too focused on his goals.

This apparent lack of interest in her lead, I believe , some to mistakenly to conclude that he was gay. It is my supposition that like many on the spectrum he had very little sex drive. Anyone who is familiar with those on the spectrum, they could tell you that it is all about extremes.

When read some of his words. I took them seriously. He wrote how he studied jews and their faces. He remarked how he could not read their faces, nor intuit their emotions. He never studied non jews with such scrutiny. It was very unfortunate. Maybe he would realized it wasn't just jews that he could read.

One thing that has puzzled everybody that nobody ever offered an explanation for, was the fact Hitler had his hometown demolished and everybody killed. It is now overgrown forest. If you are on the spectrum, there could be many potential embarrassing stories as you are growing up. If he was on the spectrum, he might not have been able to control his bowels until 8 or 15. He might have made very embarrassing mistakes in dealings with the opposite sex as well.

When they were in the bunker at the end. It was observed that his hands shook. People surmised he must have been poisoned. Well the fact is, If he was under stress and autistic, He might have been just stimming.

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