Friday, June 27, 2008

The Shaft Report

The Shaft Report

Somebody is gonna get shafted and it might as well be autistics.

"Wiping Autistics off the face of the planet - No Finer Cause on the

Loser Shafter - Editor in Mischief

Today's Headlines -

The NeoNazi council of America. has discovered autism to be a Jewish plot for world Domination. - Read more

World Renowned Preacher _ "Autism is God's punishment for homosexuality" - Read more

DAN researchers discover excessive masterbation leads to autistic like symptons. - Read more

Today's Editorial

Helping Autism to help ourselves

As we suffer through each horrendous day of agonizing hell, We wonder what can we do to make our lives easier? The alternatives are endless. We wonder about if we only had the chance to have had an abortion. Perhaps little johnny would go and play in traffic. And on it goes. But wait
there is hope! Given the current climate of awareness look at what Autism Speaks has done. They are helping autism to help themselves. By selfishly creating awareness , they can afford expensive trips and limos and throw lavish parties! They all have handsome salaries. They are truly helping autism to help themselves. Little johnny can be such a blessing in disguise! Look at myself, I *pruposely* adopted an autistic child. I took part of the money the state gave me for him and used it for shameless self promotion. This Newsletter was funded in the beginning
entirely by him!. Dont worry, He didn't need that "extra" money.psst- He didn't even know it was gone. I am now well respected and honored by various groups such as the California legislature and many others. You can do it too!! I will tell you about it my new DVD series -"helping autism to help yourself"!! 4 easy payments of 69.99!! I will thrown in my special book "Shaft ABA _Maximum Pain Maximum Results" If you act now!! - LS
"Giving Autistics the shaft since 1998"

Monday, June 23, 2008


I ran across this. While I have to agree with him. It doesn't take into the account the role of anti-neurotypicalism. In all movements the reactionary equivalent of anti-neurotypicalism is essential.

It gives fuel for the fire to do something rather accept the status quo. In fact the impetus to come together under the reaction is more beneficial and likely to lead to positive action than the individual stewing striking out haphazardly.

In response to some of the comments, I did not create anti-neurotypicalism. It will be more pronounced in the future. As more and more NTs become aware of a separate group that they are vaguely aware we will see more irrational bigotry like the infamous group on Delphiforums and outright hate groups such as FAAAS. This will provoke the reaction as it is *doing right now*.

So it really doesn't behoove us to get on our high horses with expectations of universal acclaim to deride this reaction with welcomed slaps on the back to follow.

Have we forgotten William Freunde? He was on all these forums. He was banned one after the other. No one took him seriously. No one was willing to take him on his terms. The community was dismissive with horrific results. The last place to ban him was AFF. Soon then with a gun in hand he murdered and committed suicide. He needed an outlet..

The possibility exists to take that and make something positive. You do have the other extreme like that daughter of a famous movie producer who committed suicide. Their comment was - it was the end result of a brain ravaged by asperger's. This type of reaction while it would seem benign is really the worst of them all. It is the quietism of despair. a selfish act. No one is helped. No cry for the change in status quo to prevent this.