Saturday, August 30, 2008

When Soda is not Coke.

I often thought about this incident while I was in college. I think it highlights the difference in thinking and perceiving between autistics and NTs.

One day at a soda machine , There was this guy hovering about. I indicated that I was going to buy a coke.I bought Ithink rootbee or sprite. He said that wasnt a code it was soda. I remeber that his tone ws harsh. He told me I should call it right. I told him people call it pop as well.

Others came by, I called it coke again he was really rude. At this point he really started to annoy me. After all is said and done I left in a foul mood. was honestly thinking what was this guy's problem.

Later I came by. He was there again. I watched him "correct" others. I was incensed. I was thinking who was this guy to go on and off on people like that. I didn't like. So I went up to him and confronted him. I was yelling . "Who are you to harass people " etc. He was angry too the upshot was he left in a huff saying something this bs etc.

I was very proud of myself. I related how I took care of this bully to others. And they were like "er, students are sometimes paid to ensure brands like coke are protected. Companies loose their trademark if there brandi s used generically. All that is not word for word. All I could do as say "oh". But still that guy had an attitude problem.

simple truth about Capitalism

Years ago, I was visiting Washington, D.C. I came across an abandoned gas station. There was a in large black letters spray painted- "Capitalism - It isn't working". It occurred to me then that the funny thing about Capitalism that it only works if you do.