Saturday, August 30, 2008

When Soda is not Coke.

I often thought about this incident while I was in college. I think it highlights the difference in thinking and perceiving between autistics and NTs.

One day at a soda machine , There was this guy hovering about. I indicated that I was going to buy a coke.I bought Ithink rootbee or sprite. He said that wasnt a code it was soda. I remeber that his tone ws harsh. He told me I should call it right. I told him people call it pop as well.

Others came by, I called it coke again he was really rude. At this point he really started to annoy me. After all is said and done I left in a foul mood. was honestly thinking what was this guy's problem.

Later I came by. He was there again. I watched him "correct" others. I was incensed. I was thinking who was this guy to go on and off on people like that. I didn't like. So I went up to him and confronted him. I was yelling . "Who are you to harass people " etc. He was angry too the upshot was he left in a huff saying something this bs etc.

I was very proud of myself. I related how I took care of this bully to others. And they were like "er, students are sometimes paid to ensure brands like coke are protected. Companies loose their trademark if there brandi s used generically. All that is not word for word. All I could do as say "oh". But still that guy had an attitude problem.


codeman38 said...

Heh, incidentally, have you seen the Pop vs. Soda page? Interesting geographic distribution to who calls soft drinks what. "Coke" as a generic term is quite common in the doubt partly due to the fact that Coca-Cola was invented here...

Anonymous said...

Heavy subject, that. Soda, pop, Coke, whew, the mind boggles!

Say, what happened to that Popular blog entry "Karl Marx was human garbage" ? It seems the entire blog entry and all it's comments just disappeared. Or was it censored out of existence?

Captain Janeway said...

When I was a kid I used to call all soda "coke". One time at a restaurant I ordered and Orange coke and the girl behind the counter looked perplexed at me and said, "You want coke mixed with orange soda?" That's when I realized that I was calling all pop by a brand name. I guess it's like people calling all diapers "pampers" or all copy machines "xerox" machines.