Saturday, November 13, 2004

Here Come The New Agers

Asperger has made to the big leagues now the New age money machine has found it. The New Agers are a grab bag of the stupid/Naive and the greedy. New age speakers are modern day visiting snake oil salesmen.

Recently someone in the various boards has been espousing the indigo theory. Simply put we are aliens from another world. Dont ask me how we got here past the speed barrier! They talk about "blue energy" and so forth. Dont Ask. I dont know what they are talking about either.

Another good example is William Stillman. Another snake oil salesman .Follow the link! This guy's thesis is somehow we are closer to "God". We are "spiritual". First of all by using the word "God" he betrays his western upbringing, some religions dont have a god some have many gods and others like wicca worhip a Goddess. Apparently, He is gonna prove that they are all wrong. Arent We lucky to be living in the day and age of William Stillman? (pardon my goosebumps).
This stuff is pure bunk. This guy could not get an official diagnosis if his life depended on it. Even it seems his livelyhood depends on makeing sure that he doesnt put his self diagnosis to the test.

It is offensive and repulsive. We are supposed to fight for civil rights? How will we ever achieve our goals when and if we give this stuff creadence?

We need to shout it down with all our energy. This has the potential kill any possible progress we might make as a people. I do not want aspies to go thru what i had to . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! This crap will be death of all our dreams and aspirations for the future.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Stepping Through The Prism

Alice stepped through the mirror to find a bizarre world. It has elements that make up this world but jumbled with interrelantionships unlike their counterparts in the real world. I too stepped thru not a looking glass but a prism. I discovered "The Spectrum". In this new world , my world now seems different and interrelantionships are not the same. The labels, The reasons for this and that have either fallen by the wayside or changed. Experiences that never quite fit now do. Things that I have explained away have different interpretations.

This blog allows me to chronical this with NTs and Aspies alike. The autistic Spectrum is wide and long. Within each band of color the variations are numerous. I am of the color of possessing Asperger's Syndrome.

I always knew I was different. I never knew how much and how few people are like me. This story of self discovery will be here as well part of this blog.

For some already the terms used in this blog are unfamiliar. Welcome to life on the spectrum.

NT- neurotypical -ie not on the spectrum
Aspie - someone who has Asperger's syndrome.