Sunday, January 22, 2006

House Autistics

Malcom X often spoke about what he called house negroes during slavery. These slaves slept in beds , ate better food , and did not have back breaking labor. Today in the world of autism we see a similar thing.

Curbies are never in short supply of aspies willing to toe the line for a buck. The list is endless
1) stephen shore
2) michael j Carley
3) Liane holliday willey
4) etc

They try to portray aspies as a lovable house pet every NT should own. When In fact we are dangerous. Why
We don't think in lockstep with the majority. That is our nature. Society fears people like us. Society doesn't embrace people like us. Remember , the psychological ovement to classify every difference as a disease or to classify difference of opinion as a pathology. When you hear the words syndrome or disease, this is the remnant of that.

These house autistics get upset if you stress objections to the hatred that spews forth from some NTS. They will (with a smile no less) say we are only misunderstood. To that I say no we are understood quite well. We are not them and they know it.

Carley is particularly bad. He supports a pro ABA group. He actually banned me for grasp merely for criticizing FAAAS a well known hate group. Carley never met an aspie hateing group he didnt love


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