Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Matter of Perspective

If you watch some shows on early societies. They find sometimes a member that was crippled and obviously cared for. Now in those days survival was very iffy. They laud how advanced they were in caring for the less fortunate despite the burden.

Nowadays, Cost is measured indollars. and apparently there is a cutoff. If our society was just as advanced maybe we would tolerate and care for the downs baby, the autistic , or even the cleft lip baby despite the cost.

I remember the old saying. - when they came for jews i did nothing, they came for the catholics, I did nothing, When they came for me there was no one left to stand for me. Here the new version for this century.

They came for the downs syndrome. It was allright. None had an IQ above 100.
They came for the autistics. It was allright. None of them had a lick of common sense.
They came for the cleft lip and palate. It was allright. They were hard on eyes.
Then they came for those that %50 percent chance of developingdiabetes within their lifetime based on theirs genes. That was me.

Everybody had an IQ above 100 to see the logic.
Everybody valued being a member of the group so much not to risk ostracization by standingup. Everybody was too busy admiring themselves in the mirror for theywere beautiful. No one was left that would stand for me.

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