Friday, April 04, 2008

Donor X

Donor X is an inconvient truth. The CNN story can be found here. It just without malice illustrates the lies we are told about autism.

The first conclusion that is readily apparent is that autism is *strongly* genetic. Another pointed fact is happened in different environments and different mothers. So this so called environmental trigger was on overtime searching the disparate parts of the country making sure Donor X's children gets autism. I dont believe it.

I loved this part. "Jackaway decided on "Donor X" because he appeared philosophical and intelligent on paper. He liked music, loved to travel and had a high IQ and a degree in economics." What are the odds this guy has autism but was never told he was broken??

I would like to make one point that I feel is crucial. When people select someone to be their mate a host of factors comes into play including behavior,pheromes etc. These woman who selected Donor X might have never been selected by Donor X or them to be a mate had it been "in person".

This shows we are a *people* in our own right. Edan had it right, all the kids labeled severely autistic are nothing of the sort - they are halfbreeds that are not autistic enough. Edan told the story how the vacant look and nonverbalness etc came from intermarriage. So if you disagree please reread the story. ANd if you find this offensive too bad. I am offended by people calling me disabled. I am offended by autism speaks. I am offended Dr. Insel's remarks. I am offended by the so called professional and their sadism in the name of therapy.

Donor X perhaps has children but he and the woman picked each other because their was a compatibilty that science simply overlooks.

They have now removed his sperm. How is it not that our lives are less valued? Dylan sounds bright. He laughs. How can any parent not want a kid like that?

So all the damage being done by Ari Ne'eman and others calling being on the spectrum a disability needs to be undone. We are not by virtue being on the spectrum disabled. Of course people like Ari who are by their wn admission are cognitively disabled will fail to see the point due to impaired thinking.

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Karen said...

Wow, I hadn't seen this in the news. I wonder if the sperm banks will be putting a disclaimer in their contracts now about the possibility that a child conceived using donor sperm could potentially have autism, just as a CYA. That would be very sad.