Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hope vs Faith

I cant get it out of my mind. The obama campaign and the Bill Clinton campaign for the presidency was all about hope. having hope. communicating hope. Give hope to the american people. It seems to me that this so called hope is a mere bauble to the precious act of faith. I would rather a president or anyone for that matter be about Faith. Having faith. Communicating faith. The meaning of faith as expound in fear and trembling that I referenced previously consumes my thoughts. So in the way I have to understand faith, I would like to compare it to hope.

Hope is easy. Faith is difficult.

Hope makes no demands on the hoper calls for no sacrifice or silence. Hope requires speech to spread the hope.

Faith makes demands and asks for sacrifice. Faith requires silence.

Hope is safe Faith is dangerous.

Hope is passive Faith is active

Hope can be given Faith springs from within. It cannot be given

Hope is affirmation of status quo(that it is all right ie ethical or everything can be ethical) Faith is affirmation despite of the status quo(ie taking your son to be murdered)

Hope is leader centric Faith is multitude or one centric

Hope is ethical universal Faith is subjugation of ethical and universal to a higher principle

it would take a pitiful excuse for an human being to hope for the unethical.

Hope is public Faith is private

Hope is the aspiration of the adherence to the universal.

Hope is the guilty is punished Faith is the guilty is redeemed in the end. the "sin" or misdeed is wiped out. Salvation seems to be related to this. You have faith that the sin or misdeed as Abraham would have done would be "undone" IE he would get Isaac back the sinner would cleansed as if the sin never happened. He would get his "Isaac" back.

Clinton said he was a man from hope. What we need is not a man from hope, But the multitude to realize their meaningful existence comes from a place called Faith.

Hope is vacuous /does not give meaning or purpose nor direction Faith is meaningful purpose driven.

Hope is unnecessary for human life to be worth living. While Faith for a life worth living is absolutely necessary.

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