Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Race Theory of Autism

First off Autism is not a disorder nor a disease. Autism has nothing to do with intelligence. For example, some individuals that exhibit behavior normally associated with low functioning people are highly intelligent. Witness, the webmasters of Interestingly enough , Autism is genetic and polygenetic. There are a combination genes. In other words, Autism cannot genetically traced to a single first individual. But to a group of people. The Autistic people today are descendents of this lost tribe of humanity that for whatever reason interbred with Neurotypicals tens of thousands of years ago. In fact it is a confirmed result that almost 80,000 years ago humanity became almost extinct that coincides with the volcanic explosion of toba batak. This would provide the impetus to come together and interbreed. Science has long thought that Neanderthals were the only other race of intelligent humans that walked the earth. But recently they discovered the remains of a hobbit race of intelligent humans in the pacific region. (compare to the Hawaiian "myth" of the menehune!) There was a third branch lost by the mysts of history preserved in autistic dna. This lost tribe of aspergians different enough to have a different neurological structure, different social rules. Yet genetically similar enough to interbreed safely - most of the time. You can see this even today. When High functioning autistics (HFA) have children, they are never low functioning. When HFAs breed with those merely with "traits", usually the offspring is HFA. When 2 NTs with traits interbreed there is a grab bag of outcomes. - HFA, LFA and NT. When someone with traits breeds with someone with NO traits. The outcome is NT or LFA. It is time for the children of the lost of tribe of aspergia to come together and purify our race. Live in peace with NTs but as a seperate race.

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