Wednesday, February 02, 2005


AS is not a problem it is a difference. We are part of the other spectrum. NTs aka HFR (high functioning retards) will continually victimize us unless preventative action is taken. AS,HFA or whatever that is characterized by mindblindness, needs protection as in civil rights.Laws and social interactions must be aspie friendly. Nothing less can be tolerated. nor should it be. We are the future. Human evolution has been guided by neoteny.

Neoteny is basically the retention of immature features. Human Beings are basically "APES thatnever grew up". AS is a pervasive DEVELOPMENTAL disorder. We are that next stage in human evolution. We have bigger and heavier brains. We must prevent and stop people from detecting autism before birth and then having an abortion. Our lives are worth living. We as a group are responsible for so much what is known as "progress". I dont need no stinkin theory of mind. phooey. I was not born withinnate monkey rules, so be it.


Jess said...

The theory you've developed as regards neoteny makes quite a lot of sense. It makes perfect sense that aspies (people who take longer to develop in some ways) have a "developmental disorder." Remember that humans in general take longer to develop than less intelligent animals. It only makes sense that if our species is evolving and becoming more intelligent, that we'd take even longer to develop. ^^ Excellent food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Proceed to Neoteny and aspergers, I believe, are directly related - but in ways you might not expect. The work that lead to the ideas in that site are located at Have fun.


Steve said...

That's a very interesting theory indeed. I can see at as a very viable possibility. Just the fact that I am on the Internet learning rather than partying like a lot of folks my age says a lot to me.