Wednesday, February 02, 2005

WrongPlanet Wrong Numbers

Have you seen it as of this writing claiming to have 916 members. yet roughly only 50 or so actively post. Very low ratio. But even more telling is the memberlist. it lists 915 members. The last member purportedly joing in middle of September 2004. Yet if you have been folllowing WP you know that there have member joins in November and december. Apparently , some thing has gone awry at WP now that alex is home alone so to speak

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Anonymous said...

Hello, this is ozymandias, wp has been caught up in a major controversy lately and it seems the admin. there has been caught playing fast and loose with many things. Stay tuned or check out onthespectrum or various forums like "Dunc'sDrivel" "Intensity2" or "Thewronged" for some interesting facts.