Monday, February 09, 2009

Mexican Invasion Continues

Property rights are the seemingly the latest victim in the Mexican war against the USA.Here is an article that describes how a private US citizen protection his life and property is now being sued.

Mr. Barnett has endured the unending violation of his rights by illegal immegrants who are often armed. The left would have you believe it is primarily the "honest hardworking " mexican crossing the border when in reality it is dangerous drug smugglers.

We can only hope that justice will prevail as it ultimately did in the case of the border patrol agents.

I found this editorial at IBD, It simply blew my mind.


Joseph said...

You're not being sarcastic, right?

If a lawsuit is being brought in this case, it might have some merit. It would be good to understand the arguments from both sides before making judgments.

I'm actually shocked by your generalization that this means there's a "Mexican war" against the US.

How is this different to saying "autistics are violent" after one autistic commits a violent act?

Really, you can't advocate against generalizations, stereotyping and discrimination if you practice these very things.

Anonymous said...

Joe, your such a tool of your corporate masters.

Joseph said...

When immigration is outlawed, only outlaws will immigrate.

An American said...

Well it is a real violation of American Sovereignity. I still remember those highly organized protests across the US where different states were drawn with mexico. They were marching for "reunification".

If a honest hardworker can come acrss as well as drug smugglers what is to stop a terrorist with materials for a dirty bomb?

Joseph said...

The protests of a few years ago were largely organized by unions. In view of the fact that immigration is a union-busting tactic, we must suspect they were trying to provoke opposition.

In any case, the biggest potential problem is illegal aliens registering to vote. There has been a swing to the left in the past decade in areas near the Canadian border. Those illegal voters are obviously Canadian. Is it time to close the border with Canada?