Friday, September 26, 2008

Neanderthal's revisited

I have been watching on Natgeotv their series on the Neanderthals. I am amused how now that since 1998 the idea of interbreeding with modern humans is gaining ground. The Foxp2 gene for language was found in neanderthal dna that is the *same* as ours. So either we got it from them or they got it from "us".

There have long been reports of neanderthals in the middle east to asia. In fact, A case was even made for them surviving to the present day.

The neanderthal theory has more solid science behind it than vaccines. I wonder why it is so horrible to think autism is from mommy and daddy. Anyway they have reconstructed this face above from dna. They dubbed her - wilma. I think she looks autistic. For the sake of completeness and fairness here is an opposing view.


Anonymous said...

I think she looks like mama Fratelli from the Goonies, well a bit younger than that.


r.b. said...

Human, but not homo-sapien. I don't know enough anthropology to know if neanderthals are regarded as "human".

Joseph said...

When I first heard that hypothesis, it sounded interesting, but not so much anymore. The way I see it now is that there must have been "autistics" among the Neanderthal as well. You know what I mean?