Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Big Push

I have been quietly contemplating some disturbing events. I am seeing some very frightening ways they can create what is known as a "Perfect Storm".

It started when I noticed the cataloging,identification of Autistic People. The so-called "Autism Registries". The rationale is that they need to figure out how this non-disease disease is spreading. The Bush administration wanted to screen everybody for signs of ASD. All I can do is think of Nazi Germany. They screened people for signs of Aryan heritage or not. Looked for the hook nose or the circumcised penis. Of course we are more sophisticated. Just don't whatever happens, let people see your child lining up blocks or chatting endlessly on some obscure subject. He will be cataloged and processed for the greater good.

I noticed there were interviews from "high functioning" autistics in the "group homes" run by organizations such as ACLD. Now, has anyone met anyone IRL or online that be shown from one of the group homes? They can talk. But what crimes have they committed to scurried away only able to talk to approved people like reporters. These autistic ghettos need scrutiny.

I notice that as the autistic/aspergian movement gets stronger stronger, there is a push to tell people they only have the symptoms of ASD but psst it is really something else. A lot of us desperately want that promise land of living NT. Oh , to have friends, job, money and Yes! even girlfriend. All very seductive. All that is required is to deny who you are. I have no problem with the term autistic but I would rather a term that has no bearing on any professionals talk about. Hence I use the word aspergian. I have seen even within our own community an over emphasis of "getting a diagnosis". That empowers professionals. How can our community be effective when we are not even the gatekeepers? It is simply wont work. Anyone who feels they should be part of this community then they are. Official diagnoses be damned.

I notice professionals now talking about ASD as a "mental health" issue not neurological. I guess people are okay with it just as long as we don't blame mother, the mental illness fell out the sky as if some evil wrought by the devil. You don't think it is all that bad?? seen this article on Once they officially and incorrectly identify ASD as a mental illness then we would have lost. They can round us up and medicate.

Our only hope is to disempower the so called professionals and that wont happen by working with them.


Marla said...

"notice professionals now talking about ASD as a "mental health" issue not neurological. " This concerns me as well. Many many insurance companies and places of employment do not have mental coverage. This is one reason my husband quit one job and had to find another. Our daughter was considered to be struggling with a mental disorder not Autism. Her undiagnosed seizures were seen as panic attacks and were not being treated properly. We had to see five neurologists before they took us seriously and put her on the proper medication to stop the seizures. So much of that was not covered. It was a nightmare.

We searched for a diagnosis of Autism in order to pay for her medical care. It was terrible. Now, she also has been diagnosed with a chromosome disorder and that has helped with coverage as well.

Also, in schools the children are not treated the same if diagnosed with mental disorders compared to Autism. Possibly, that is not the way it should be but that is the way it worked with our daughter. Until we had that diagnosis we found it impossible to get good help in the schools. What a mess.

So, you raise a very important subject here.

Casdok said...

Yes a very important issue that we need to keep on top off. Thank you for raising it.